International Conference on Circuits, Systems, Communications and Computers

Plenary Speech

Intelligence science in digital healthcare systems

Professor Abdel-Badeeh M. Salem,
Professor Emeritus, Computer Science Departement, Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences,
Ain Shams University,
Cairo, Egypt


Abstract: Intelligent science(IS) is an interdisciplinary subject which dedicates to joint research on informatics and technology of intelligence by brain science,artificial inteeligence, cognitive science, data science and others. IS is devoted to create intelligent computer software that models the human behavior. The main goal of IS is to make computers smarter by creating intelligent algorithms that will allow a computer to mimic some of the functions of the human brain in selected applications. All of these applications employ knowledge base and inferencing techniques to solve problems or help make decisions in specific domains. On the other side,digital healthcare systems( DHS) are smart systems and based on the concepts, methodologies and theories of many sciences, e.g. artificial intelligence, data science, social science, cognitive sciences, life sciences and others. Advances in digital DHS domains highlight the need for IoT and ICT systems that aim not only in the improvement of human’s quality of life but at their safety too. The well-known smart healthcare models are; Real-time monitoring devices, Computer-aided surgery devices,Telemedicine devices, Population-based care devices , Personalized medicine from a machine learning perspective, Ubiquities intelligent computing, Expert decision support systems, and Health 2.0 . This talk discusses the potential role of AI methodologies in intelligence science as well as the intelligent computing paradigms, which are used in developing the DHS.. The following three paradigms are presented: (a) ontological engineering , (b) case-based reasoning , and (c) data mining and knowledg discovery. Moreover the talk presents, the research results of the author and his colleagues that have been carried out in recent years@AIKE-Labs at Ain Shams University,Cairo,Egypt.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Prof. Abdel-Badeeh M. Salem is a full Professor of Computer Science since1989 at Faculty of coputer and information sciences, Ain Shams University, Egypt. His research includes intelligent computing,artificial intelligence, biomedical informatics, big data analytics, intelligent education and smart learning systems, information mining, knowledge engineering and Biometrics. He is the Founder and Chairman of the Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Engineering Research Labs, Ain Sham University, Cairo, Egypt.He is Chairman of Working Group on Bio-Medical Informativs, ISfTeH, Belgium He has published around 700 papers (115 of them in Scopus). He has been involved in more than 700 International conferences and workshops as; a keynote and plenary speaker, member of Program Committees , workshop/invited session organizer , Session Chair and Tutorials.. In addition he was a member of many international societies. In addition he is a member of the Editorial Board of 70 international and national Journals. Also, He is member of many Int. Scientific Societies and associations elected member of Euro Mediterranean Academy of Arts and Sciences, Greece. Member of Alma Mater Europaea of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts, Belgrade and European Academy of Sciences and Arts, Austria.



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