International Conference on Circuits, Systems, Communications and Computers

Plenary Speech

Human Biometrics: Ideas and Current Trends

Professor Ryszard S. Choraś
Department of Telecommunications, Computer Sciences and Electrical Engineering
UTP University of Science and Technology
Bydgoszcz, Poland


Abstract: This lecture is a survey on biometrics for human identification. A biometric system is a pattern recognition system that recognizes a person on the basis of a feature vector derived from a specific physiological or behavioral characteristic that the person possesses. All biometric systems work in a similar fashion: - The user submits a sample that is an identifiable, unprocessed image or recording of the physiological or behavioral biometric via an acquisition device, - This image and/or biometric is processed to extract information about distinctive features. In this article we present an overview of traditional and emerging both physiological and behavioral biometric methods. In the field of traditional physiological biometric modalities, we discuss: fingerprint biometrics, face biometrics, iris and retina biometric, hand geometry biometric, lip biometric, palmprints biometric and ear biometrics. Traditional behavioral biometric modalities include, for example, voice biometric and signature biometric. Next, new physiological modalities such as DNA, EEG, Odor, ECG and new behavioral biometrics such as the gait biometric, mouse dynamics biometrics and keystroke dynamics biometrics are discussed. Finally, we provide a brief outline of existing examples of human authentication applications.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Prof. Ryszard S. Choraś is currently Full Professor in the Department of Telecommunications, Computer Sciences and Electrical Engineering, UTP University of Science and Technology, Bydgoszcz, Poland. His research experience covers image processing and analysis, biometrics, image coding, feature extraction and computer vision. Currently working in the field of human biometrics, with particular emphasis on various biometric modalities. He is the author of the book Computer Vision. Methods of image interpretation and identification (2005) and over 203 articles in scientific journals and conference materials. He is the member of the Polish Cybernetical Society, Polish Neural Networks Society, IASTED, and the Polish Image Processing Association. Professor Choras is a member of the editorial boards of Machine Vision and Graphics, International Journal of Biometrics (IJBM), International Journal of Biology and Biomedical Engineering, Recent Patents On Signal Processing (Bentham Open). He is the editor-in-chief of Image Processing and Communications, An International Journal and associate editor-in-chief Computer Science Journals (CSC Journals) Image Processing (IJIP). He is also chairman of the Conference of Image Processing and Communications (2009-2019) and editor of books on Image Processing Challenges and Communication published in the years (2009-2019) in a series of Advances Intelligent Systems and Computing Springer Verlag. He is a member of numerous scientific committees of such conferences as: Visualization, Imaging, and Image Processing (VIIP) , IASTED International Conference on Signal Processing, Pattern Recognition and Applications (SPPRA) and International Conference on Computer Vision and Graphics, ICINCO\ICATE Conference.



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